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Before proceeding to checkout we strongly suggest this checklist is complete

  1. Ensure there are no boost leaks (Do a boost leak test or smoke test is you suspect a boost leak). 
  2. Ensure coolant level is FULL
  3. Ensure oil level is FULL
  4. Ensure there are no fuel leaks
  5. Ensure base fuel pressure is set (only applies if you have an aftermarket adjustable regulator)
  6. Ensure there are no exhaust leaks
  7. Ensure intake system is secure and there are no turbo inlet leaks
  8. Ensure under tray and wheel liners are installed and secure
  9. Torque lug nuts to factory spec
  10. Ensure tire pressure is correct (door tag)
  11. Ensure there are no check engine lights. (If so, please confirm what code(s))
  12. Ensure hood is LATCHED COMPLETELY


Before your car is ready to be tuned, it is CRITICAL that you check over your work to ensure that the tuning process goes smoothly. We use this list as a guide for you. This list does not offer a or imply any guarantee. This list typically does not apply to stock cars with no aftermarket modifications. You are responsible for your car and BCP E tuning is not.

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Before proceeding to checkout if you’re ordering a tune

The base map is sent within 1 business day

You will receive your base map one business day after submitting the checklist.

30 days of free tuning support (Does not apply to OTS Maps)

Most tunes typically take 3 to 5 days on a healthy car. 30 days starts the day you order your tune. After 30 days a fee will be required for additional support.


We do not tune setups with modifications that delete or defeat emissions devices or “turn off” any check engine lights related to emissions devices. Any requests like this will be denied. 

Purchase tunes a week early

We recommend you purchase your tune a week before you install your parts to ensure you have your base map in time.

Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse tuning any order that we receive with or without explanation. 

Warranty and Refunds 

Given the nature of performance vehicles, there is no warranty implied, implicit or explicit, via BCP E Tuning on any tuning performed on your vehicle. There is also no warranty on item including but not limited to- turbochargers, engines, transmissions, clutches, tires, fuel systems ECUs or any other parts on your car. Our tuner is an experienced professional that will offer the best outcome possible. The are no refunds on any tunes under any circumstances.