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OTS vs Custom Tune

OTS (Off The Shelf) Maps vs Custom E Tune

Which one is right for you?

OTS Tunes (Off-The-Shelf Tunes) are tunes that are made to fit a vehicle without any custom tuning. They are usually meant for a stock car, or a car with very minimal modifications. They are very simple. Just order your tune, flash the file to your car, and enjoy the added power! 

Who SHOULD buy an OTS map? 
Someone who has minimal mods (see tune description for the mods that we offer tunes for) like a stock car or intake only. 
Someone who is looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to pick up power. 

Who should NOT buy an OTS Map? 
Someone who has MANY modifications (example: upgraded turbo, larger injectors, etc).
Someone who wants a custom tuning experience and has special requests such as but not limited to: Special boost ramping, more or less sensitive throttle mapping, specialty fuel use, etc. 
Someone who wants to extract maximum power from their car. 




  • Ready To Choose Your Tune?

    Ready To Choose Your Tune?

    Let’s Choose Your Tune!

    Once you have decided which tune will work best for you, visit Our Store to start picking one out! Please note, we do not offer OTS maps for certain vehicles. 
    Not ready just yet? View Our Process to understand how the tuning process works.