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The E-Tuning Process

Most of our tunes use a COBB Accesport to flash your car

Our Process

Our e-tuning process is simple and efficient to ensure accurate results.

  • Step 1

    The Start

    The Start

    What do you need to check?

    Please refer to the checklist at the bottom of the page which you are required to fill out prior to checkout. The tune can only be as good as the mechanical status of the car. Once you are ready for your base map, we will send it over after you order. Your next step will be to install the map to your Accessport and create a datalog. Instructions are in the link below. Please refer to the checklist at the bottom of the page which you are required to fill out prior to checkout.

  • Step 2
  • Step 3

    Logging Necessities

    Logging Necessities

    Follow Supplied Datalog Links

    Now that you are ready for your datalog, we will send the logging list required for your car.

  • Step 4

    Now You're Ready

    Now You're Ready

    Send Us the IDLE LOG

    We will require an IDLE LOG before any driving or tuning. This consists of the car idling either while warming up, or already warm, but it needs to be at least 2 minutes long at full temperature (~180-200*F on most cars). Then rev the engine to 2500 rpm and hold it there for 5 seconds, and 3500 rpm for 5 seconds in the same log. Once you are finished, contact us and we will review it before instructing your next step. DO NOT drive the car in the meantime until our tuner clears the log as “ready for driving”. Every tune includes updates for up to 4 weeks.

  • Step 5: Feel The Power

E Tune Checklist

1. Do a boost leak test or smoke test to ensure there are no leaks.
2. Ensure coolant level is FULL
3. Ensure oil level is FULL
4. Ensure there are no fuel leaks
5. Ensure base fuel pressure is set (only applies if you have an aftermarket adjustable regulator)
6. Ensure there are no exhaust leaks
7. Ensure intake system is secure and there are no turbo inlet leaks
8. Ensure under tray and wheel liners are installed and secure
9. Torque lug nuts to factory spec
10. Ensure tire pressure is correct (door tag)
11. Ensure there are no check engine lights. (If so, please confirm what code(s))
12. Ensure hood is LATCHED COMPLETELY
Before your car is ready to be tuned, it is CRITICAL that you check over your work to ensure that the
tuning process goes smoothly. We use this list as a guide for you. This list does not offer a guarantee of
any sort or imply anything. This list typically does not apply to stock cars with no aftermarket
modifications. Ultimately, you are 100% responsible for your car and BCP E tuning is not.

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